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“Guys! We need to stop fighting! We've gone soft, but we can change that. We've been through many battles, with our rebels, and even our rivals. United, we can withstand the power of darkness. Evil thinks they can win forever, but they're gonna meet another fate!”
— Samuel to his resistance in The Samuel Jones Show Movie

Samuel "黨楊周" Jones is the protagonist of The Samuel Jones Show and the leader of his resistance.

In Shamgar Kills 600 Philistines, Shamgar arrived as Samuel into the real world. When he arrived in the real world, he was adopted by two parents who abandoned him. He went to an elementary school, where he was bullied by many people. Then the Master of Forbidden Airjitzu taught him how to use Forbidden Airjitzu. They soon parted ways and he saw the four bullies bullying two twin girls. He used Forbidden Airjitzu to save the girls, and everyone except the Philistines threw a party in his honor. When he arrived at Augusta Christian Schools, he saw two Xins. And one of them was nice and the other was a Philistine. He banished his "clone" to his castle, which surprisingly is in the Never-Realm.


Early life

Becoming a Hero


After Samuel became a teen, he started a show: The Samuel Jones Show. This show is about Samuel's life and lessons that everyone must learn from.

The World at Peace

Season 1

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Season 2

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Samuel was almost 13 when he started his show. He is a true teenager, despite his size.


Samuel is always get aggravated over dumb things, but he always cools off over it. He is the current leader of the Ninja and the bravest and wisest of them all.


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