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Not to be confused with the clone.

Xin Hatcher is a member of the Resistance. He has the power to imitate anyone he desires to imitate, and is a childhood friend of Nelson, and also the best friend of Samuel Jones.

In The Samuel Jones Show Movie, he became the corrupted Vex when he tried to save Samuel Jones. When he time-traveled, he fell sway under his former villainous master Vex, becoming their general. The Joneses helped him snap out of his corruption, and the realms were restored again.

He appears in Shamgar Kills 600 Philistines, as the Philistines' general, General Hatcher. Samuel posed as Shamgar in the modern world and defeated the Philistines, turning them back into normal humans.


Shamgar Kills 600 Philistines[]



  • He knows how to imitate other people, but unfortunately, the Philistines don't know they can do this too.
  • Xin makes his first in-show appearance in the thirteenth of the second season.


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